Your home is your investment. We understand you may not be local and need someone to take special care in watching and maintaining your home.  Our services include any or all of the following based on your needs.  We will perform weekly interior and exterior home inspection from November through April, and Bi-Weekly interior and exterior inspection May through October.

Interior Inspection:

  • Lighting – Check lights, replace bulbs as required.
  •     Smoke detectors – Test and change battery if needed.
  •     Power outages – Reset electrical equipment after outages.
  •     Heating – Check temperature throughout house, set thermostats before and after owners’ arrival.
  •     Run all appliances to check if run properly, address any issues with the owner.
  •     Phones/Satellite systems- Check phone lines as well as internet connections and Satellite or cable systems in the home.
  •     A/C – Change or clean filters regularly.   Check condenser drain line.
  •     Washing machine – Check rubber supply lines from valves to machine.
  •     Hot water heater – Set to low after owner departure, turn up for arrival
  •     Flush toilets – Check for leak overflow and flush regularly. Rubber stopper can fail if not used for a time.
  •     Sink traps and waterlines – Check under sink cabinets and vanities for leakage, make sure all drains work properly.
  •     Windows & doors secured – Check for all locks, any broken glass or vandalism.
  •     Rodent and insect infestation – Check for infestation throughout house.

Exterior inspection:

  •     Exterior security lighting – Check motion detectors, adjust settings if necessary. Replace bulbs as required.
  •     Window, doors and screens – Check for vandalism, water damage or rot to windowsills, door jams, etc.
  •     Roof – Valleys are free of debris, check for nail pops or damaged shingles. Check for water stains on fascia and soffit.   In the wintertime, check for ice and snow accumulation on the roof.
  •     Gutters and down spouts – Check for leaks, branches, debris, and plugged down spouts. Clean as required.
  •     Animal intrusion – Squirrels, possums, and raccoons can cause damage to attic insulation, wiring, and A/C ductwork.etc.
  •     Yard – Oversee yard and lawn service.
  •     General appearance – Lived in look, clean and well maintained. Check exterior railing, stairs, and deck for wood damage and/or rot and see that they are safe, secure and well maintained.
  •     House structure- Check masonry foundation walls for cracks or weakened, crumbling mortar.  Examine main support beams, support columns, and floor joists for evidence of bowing or warping.

Beyond the regular inspection of the home, the service also includes:

  •      Key holding
  •      4 Scheduled Openings and Closings of Home during weekly service months, and 2 openings and closings during bi-weekly service
  •      Emergency on-call
  •      Light monthly dusting of the home during weekly service months.
  •      Weekly (during weekly service period) or Bi-weekly (during bi-weekly service period)
    email with Inspection Report including photos of areas of concern.

Monthly Service Statement

IITD will provide monthly statements detailing all work performed at your home as well as any other services provided at the request of the homeowner.

Labor Rates For Other Services.

IITD will provide discounted labor rates for additional services.
The following is a list of services IITD provides:

Housekeeping services
Concierge Services
Roof clearing
Contractor Management

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